Sunday, 25 January 2015

Loch Lomond series II

'Maybe you were the ocean, when I was just a stone...'
(Ben Howard, 'Black Flies')

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Loch Lomond series I

I visited few galleries and saw few exhibitions last weekend with my friend. Seeing other people work is not only inspiring but very often is a sacred moment between the viewer and the artist and his or her work. Moment when visually and emotionally wordless connection begins, we step into somebody's world, perception and feelings.  I perceive most of the works emotionally, whilst my friend perceives art works through shapes, configurations of colours and forms. Art language has got many dimensions and meanings.

My gratitude list:
watercolour Loch Lomond series
mountains covered with snow
sunday walk
green veg and juices
new sleep routine
rebuilding relationship with my body
watching 'Wild'
moments of love
 quotes 'Struggle is a movement' and 'nothing is lost, only changed'

Thursday, 8 January 2015

My word

Happy New Year, dear ones. My body is taking time to heal and rest. I am not trying to resist it anymore. I am trying to get deeper and feel grateful for it. Feel grateful for sleep, listening to my needs, cold press juices, time which universe sent me to rest, kale soups, rain and wind outside, mornings with yoga and evenings with meditation, reading 'Wild and Precious' and 'Woman Code'. I finished Leonie Dawson workbook for 2015. All dreams and goals are set up for next 12 months and my word for this year has been chosen as well. My word is: slow. Slowly following my path, without pressure, rushing and expectations. We do the best we can most of the time and we do not have to accomplish anything to love ourselves and others.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Be still

Hello gorgeous souls. I hope you all had a nice Christmas. I have been off work for a week now but I have been keeping myself quite busy. Until my body forced me to take time to rest and kept me in bed. I understood that I just needed to be finally still, not running around, rushing and catching up but just stay still for a bit. So I did stayed in bed, surrounded by hot water bottles and aromatherapy oils. Suddenly I appreciate that stillness which I have avoided for a long time. It was so good to simply read a book and take a nap. It was good to go with a flow, accept how I felt and what I needed.

My first wreath. It is fun to make things with using seasonal abundance of nature.

Draft of the new painting.
Photos from the trip to Loch Lomond.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Winter and sea

Hello Dear Ones. I have not written for a while and because of lack of time I have not been painting as well. The lack of time for myself can be quite a hard thing to deal with. I suppose it is all about returning and acceptance of moments and time. When I let go emotions and ideas unfold again. The creation process will start. In the meantime, there is busy December. Cold and windy days, Christmas lights outside and fires bright and warm up dark nights and I become more thoughtful about passing year and how much love there is everywhere around.

Sunday, 23 November 2014


The last days of November and beginning of winter. It has been time of the sea, dark and cold evenings, sitting with a book in front of the fire,  afternoons on the beach, piano soothing music and beautiful November full moon.
  Pebbles little round treasures picked from the beaches, carried in the pocket home to be painted one day. I spent last weeks painting mostly seashore finds. It was good to focus and take time working on the small objects. I combined my two passions: geography and painting in one again. I also enjoyed refreshing my knowledge about different types of shells and seashore finds.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Port Seton

I have been thinking recently about traces and marks of myself and my identity in my works. Also after weeks of reading historic novel I have been thinking about time and our inner and outer prints which we will leave behind one day. Our inner and outer artifacts, tracks and signs of our existence. What would it be? In the world full of constantly developing technologies, in the world when living without electronic devices seems to be impossible those days. What we will leave behind? My inner and outer artifacts will be memories, photographs, things which I made, collected and found like those shells from Port Seton and the other ones picked in the North of Scotland. 
Port Seton (watercolour)